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Behind The Tapestry

Behind the Tapestry : My Discovery of God’s Grace Amidst Chronic Pain and Loss

Author: M. Rose Peluso

Paperback: 9781637281352
PDF: 9781637281369
EPUB: 9781637281369
Kindle: 9781637281369

The Facebook Group, “Promote Your Book” recognized Ms. Peluso & “Behind the Tapestry” as one of 2021’s Annual Author & Book of the Year

“Behind the Tapestry” earned an Honorable Mention Award in the Nonfiction/Memoirs Category by The BookFest Spring 2022 Awards

Behind The Tapestry is the compelling true story told from behind convent walls, of one woman’s struggles to “make peace” with a mysterious chronic illness and her unfulfilled dream of being a Catholic nun.

Maryanne was a 29 year old graphic designer working towards a lifelong desire to move to Hollywood and become an Academy Award winning art director. But an unexpected invitation to a Catholic prayer meeting would forever change Maryanne’s life, showing her desires she didn’t know she possessed. Although she was somewhat content with her life at the time, surrounded by a group of loving Christian friends, an emptiness and longing in her heart emerged until one spring day in 1996 when all of that changed as Maryanne suddenly found herself unemployed.

After spending a lot of time in prayer, Maryanne embarked on a journey to discover God’s will for her life. This quest eventually led Maryanne to the convent and the realization that all she has ever really wanted was to devote herself to Jesus. But because of her lack of self-esteem and familial issues, her initial time in the convent was suddenly cut short.

The desire to give up on herself and her Catholic faith once she returned to her family and former career, led Maryanne right back into discernment and to the doorstep of yet another religious community. This time though, Maryanne hoped and prayed things would be different but she wasn’t convinced. Plagued with mysterious physical pain and other odd symptoms that no doctor could explain, Maryanne officially joined the sisters anyway.

The 18 month postulancy and 2 year novitiate, introduced a whole cast of characters and relationships that challenged her strength and stamina while simultaneously testing her faith.

In spite of her ever intensifying pain and anguish amid mounting questions about what was going on with her body, Maryanne made it all the way to profession of temporary vows. However, her life as a sister wasn’t all that she’d hoped. After experiencing some religious and biological family tragedies, Sister Maryanne believed she had reached the end of her resiliency and wondered if she could go on. As her health deteriorated without any help in sight, she did the only thing she could. She surrendered wholeheartedly to Jesus. But after already strained relationships with her superiors became even more fractured, Sr. Maryanne was forced to make a heart-wrenching decision that would not only impact her life but the lives of those around her. Should she remain in the convent and go on to take final vows or leave her religious life behind and take care of herself?

In the end, Maryanne chose to leave and received the medical attention she needed instead. But this time, leaving the convent brought with it the knowledge that she could love and serve the Lord anywhere – this side of Heaven!